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I apologize

I am still working from home, thank the Lord!! I don't know if it will stay this way, but if I could have one wish, it would be to stay...

New Year's Eve 2020

I don't know about you, but I have certainly had enough of this year, and everything that came with the pandemic and now pandemic...

Merry Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas everyone. I pray that your day is safe, peaceful and filled with joy. Living one day at a time, and WITHOUT expectations,...

Christmas Eve Ruminations

Sitting here drinking coffee, my dog enjoying her new holiday bone, and my husband trying to catch a few more winks since he worked...

From this day back in 2016

This is a post most won't want to read. That's OK. I'm used to that. When you are someone who loses three children, people in general do...


Thank you to those that have stored by to read my blog. I always wanted to write a book, after I lost my three daughters, but haven't...

Red Letter Day

So yesterday a few things happened that I wanted to share. Due to covid, I was happy to pack up my desk and computer so that I can work...

Healing the body

I'm still going through the breast reconstruction process, thanks to covid it was postponed since March. But I feel blessed, through the...

My apologies

I haven't written anything in weeks since my surgery. I owe myself and all of you, another blog. Please stay tuned ❤️

Follow up

Today I see the surgeon, hoping the drains are removed. The pain has improved, and without the drains hopefully I can sleep in the bed...


Surgery went well, back to the doctor tomorrow for follow up. Hope to continue my blog this weekend. Thank you for joining.

Hello again

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging lately. I've been getting ready for surgery tomorrow. Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and...


More tired than I thought. I want to tell you more, it will be about second grade, first confession and first communion. The shame,...

Catholic School Years grade 1-grade 6

So as I said, next it seems natural to talk about my grade school years. I realize, that like myself, many of you that are close to my...

Day After Labor Day

I think I said at the end of my post Sunday that I would dive into catholic school years. So my parents decided that I didn't need...

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