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Catholic School Years grade 1-grade 6

So as I said, next it seems natural to talk about my grade school years. I realize, that like myself, many of you that are close to my age, were latchkey children. I walked to the bus stop in the morning, which was two blocks away, alone with my 2 brothers. Through the rain, snow, didn't matter, my parents went to work and we were on our own.

After school meant walking those 2 blocks back to the house, with 2 brothers that didn't care or watch out for me. So needless to say there were always a lot of tears on my part. Plus, the nuns would never let you use the bathroom and our bus ride was at least 45 minutes and then that walk home...more than once I didn't make it into the house to pee. Humiliation, shame, guilt, brothers making fun and then telling my parents:( Not to mention the shame, guilt, and other negative feelings we were "taught" to feel! "You should be ashamed of yourself for x ,y, or z; don't you feel guilty for spilling your milk that your mother paid for" and on and on it went for 6 years. Home was the same though. God forbid the teacher corrected you for something, you NEVER told your parents because you would get yelled at again!!

First and second grades were taught by one nun, the meanest, most hard core nun I ever met-yes I've met plenty in my lifetime. My only issue was I liked to talk to my neighbors, silly me at 6 years old trying to be friendly. After several pulls on my ears from behind, I never heard her coming, I stopped talking as much as a 6 yo can. And OMG, better not wear barrettes the nun didn't like, she pulled my hair and made me take them out, they were "not appropriate" with the uniform. That was the worse of it for me because i was a good student who was gifted with the ability to want to learn and I learned easily. I felt awful for those that struggled to read, or follow directions, or whatever she deemed egregious. The little boy in front of me one day, was doing something that caused the nun to send him upstairs to the Principal. He didn't want to go because he was scared. So she took him by the shirt collar, twisted the collar, and dragged that little boy up the two flights of stairs to the Principal! I was dying inside. I think that was the first time I realized what kind of person I was going to be. Yes, I was only six, but I knew deep in my heart, that I would never treat anyone that way or beat them in the cloakroom with wooden yard sticks and all of the awful things they did in the name of God did not condone that behavior and neither did I.

i think I will stop here for today. I appreciate each and every person taking this journey with me, so I hope you understand there may be times when reliving things here in the blog, might give me time to pause. I will try to shar tomorrow about grades 3-6. Second grade was rather uneventful and most of the kids learned how to behave by then. Oh but I forgot, second grade was first confession and first communion. Well, tomorrow it will First Holy Communion time. Thank you again for taking this journey with me.

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12 sept 2020

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