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Day After Labor Day

I think I said at the end of my post Sunday that I would dive into catholic school years. So my parents decided that I didn't need catholic school for Kindergarten. I went to pubic school for Kindergarten and met my best friend, Alfreda Reed. As young as I was, I realized I didn't need many friends. Alfreda and I hit it off right away. I cried those first few days when Mom dropped me off, but Alfreda was there for me and that was all I needed. The beauty of childhood is not knowing the terrible things that happen as we become adults. To this day, I believe we can relate to each others energy. I didn't know or care what the color of anyone I met was...I had faith in God and I believed we were created equal. After several weeks of me demanding to have my h air done just like my friend, my mother said I would like to meet your friend. So when my mother picker me up, I said there's my friend!!!! And my mother took a heavy sigh...all she said was you don't have enough hair to do it like your friend's. I was heartbroken...I wanted to be as much like my friend as possible. Needless to say, my friend was not caucasian. But there, in that small classroom, a friendship started that lasted a lifetime. We met up again last November at our 40th HS reunion.

Tomorrow, i will dive into 6 years of catholic school. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

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08 de set. de 2020

I love this and look forward to your posts, Joann! I didn’t know you’ve been friends with Alfreda since Kindergarten! I met you both in 7th and I thought that was a long time. You are a great writer!! Thank you for sharing!! 😘

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