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From this day back in 2016

This is a post most won't want to read. That's OK. I'm used to that. When you are someone who loses three children, people in general do not want to talk with you. The only way I can keep them alive, their names and their lives... Is to talk about them. In 1985, I was expecting my first child. Who wants their first child to arrive when your husband is signed up for officer training?!? Long story short, he was there... And a very long life started with hospital stays, illness, IV's , time away from work and knowledge that we would lose our girls. Jennifer Lee Van Hise was the middle child but the sickest- she died, 2007. Megan, our first born was not as sick, but died two years after Jennifer in 2009. Stephanie was able to hang on until July 2013. Megan was able to marry the love of her life... Donald Burgess. I was so happy for them. She never got her white wedding though :/ Jennifer was a senior at Seton Hall University... Quite an accomplishment since one doctor told us she will never see and needed special education.... I don't think so. She needed tender loving care and support to keep going. I am go happy that I was able to do this post tonight. There were so many earth angels that helped us along the way. But being present when my girls died, there are no words for that. I have such an admiration to my girls because they did things their way. They never gave up. They kept going... Not a birthday, prom or holiday stopped them. I still feel my girls with me every day. So I have no idea... No regrets... I live for today... I live for those that have gone to heaven too soon. Mom... Francis Hritz, dad-Paul Hritz. Jane Van Hise, and Willard Van Hise. Grandparents home. And in addition, Megan Lynn Van Hise-Burgess, Jennifer Lee Van Hise and Stephanie Marie Van Hise. This life was not of my design... But God's... Not sure why the plan was to take my girls... But He is God.. He is the almighty and all knowing... I pray that I pray each day.. And He hears our prayers... I am tired and unable to stay awake... Goodnight all. Happy and healthy new year!!!!

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Dec 17, 2020

Your posts are amazing, Joann. I hang on your words describing your strong journey. My heart stays with you. 😘

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