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Red Letter Day

So yesterday a few things happened that I wanted to share. Due to covid, I was happy to pack up my desk and computer so that I can work from home again. I did so from March through July but was asked to return... Now I will be at home indefinitely.

Secondly, I had a revelation about my healing yesterday. While raising my girls through the 80's and 90's, although we listened to many different genres, Country music was our favorite. When Jenny died in 2007, and then Megan in 2009, my youngest died 2013, Stephanie, I was not able to listen to country music... Or most music for that matter. It had always been a big part of my life, even when I was little I took dance lessons and piano lessons. But when I lost the girls, I had to hang on each day, day by day to learn how to live without them. Well I started to listen to a country radio station a few days ago... And I realized my very broken heart is starting to mend enough to enjoy music again. It really takes time, more for some. But the healing does happen if we allow the process.

Thank you as always for coming on this journey with me 😊

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