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Sunday, a day of rest

For those of us that were raised in the Catholic church, Sunday was for Church, bakery fresh goodies afterwards, then mom cooking all day while dad watched football. May sound familiar to some of you. I always loved Sundays, esp when i was young because I was one of 35 cousins, my dad was one of nine children, so someone was always stopping by or we went to visit one of the aunts/uncles...sad that doesn't happen much anymore/everyone seems to have their own lives.

So like I said in yesterdays blog, I was adopted along with two others, we, the children were not related. Mom and dad adopted my oldest brother Paul first, followed by James (Jimmy) the following year and then 4 years later came ME. I think our childhood was like most others. My parents were extremely strict though and I was never allowed to go to anyone else's house. I finally forced that issue when I got to HS.

So I never went to any parties, sleepovers, etc. I'm not sure what she was protecting me from, but I guess she had her reasons. I was blessed though and I took dance lessons from the age of 2 years and then piano lessons at the age of 6. I think dance lasted about nine years or so and then she made me choose one or the other. I kept up with the piano. When I was young, I actually walked to the piano teachers house...a man. Guess she saw nothing wrong with that. And then when my oldest brother started to drive, and the teacher moved quite a distance away, my brother had to take me. NOT fun when he brought his gf of the day along and they stayed in the car doing whatever during my lesson. Could I tell my mother, no because he was a bully and verbally and physically threatened me all of the time.

We also had an above ground pool growing up so summers were great. Plus, my best friend Larry down the street had a built in pool and I spent hours there...any where away from my brothers who fought constantly. And of course we rode our bikes up and down and all around the neighborhood-no grown ups were watching us. I often miss the simplicity of those years.

I think tomorrow I will dive into my catholic school years, ugh. So much more to come. Thank you for joining me on this journey of life.

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